Update and Fall 2013 Tour

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2013 has been a great year for me and my family! Exactly 12 months ago, I concluded a nine-year season of helping plant a church to embark on a journey of unknown destination. Leaving the thriving community of Radius Church to travel and share my songs has been both terrifying and rewarding. My family moved to Florida to be near some of our extended family while I jumped in my tour bus (Honda Element) and hit the road. I’ve traveled well over 10,000 miles, played for thousands of people and tried my best to serve wherever God planted me.

In October of last year I released a new album of songs, Mighty River, in hopes of sharing the music wherever God would open the door. And many doors have opened. You have been gracious to open your churches, homes and venues, you’ve purchased my music, you’ve fed me, sheltered me, given me gas money, prayed for me. Thank you for taking the time to stop and listen, for taking in a stranger with a story and a song. I sincerely hope you’ve been blessed in the process.

Earlier this year I traveled as far West as Wyoming and as far north as Ontario, Canada. Starting in September, I’m returning to the road for a 2 month tour beginning in Florida, taking me to the West Coast and back. I’m still adding dates to my schedule in the MidWest, Texas and California and would love to visit and share my music with your community. Please connect with me for more information by sending me an email at bookingjeremiah@gmail.com.

Thanks again for the love and support.

Stay in the Arms!

July 31, 2013