The Road

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The road can be a lonely place.  Lonely in the miles and hours driven down the interstate, through cities and countryside filled with the daily activity of people you’ll never meet and lives you’ll never intersect.  Moving from place to place, you are constantly off balance and adjusting to new faces, new interactions with people.  You begin to sound like a broken record for how many times you describe where you’ve been and where you’re going next.  You find solace in seemingly insignificant daily rituals like showering and brushing your teeth.  You find places of refuge in certain corporate coffee establishments.  You have your favorite Netflix TV show that you watch religiously ever night before bed.  You find ways to be normal.

But there’s nothing normal about traveling for 2 months away from home. With a schedule that is constantly in flux, parenting via FaceTime, being present with your spouse, you find that the only way to maintain a level of normalcy is to find time to be still.  To let go of anxiety. To realize this is a lifetime in the making and not without purpose.  To know that you’re being held together by a greater Force.  Every day is a step of faith and that, for all of us, is normal.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining, more explaining this weird existence of moving through time and space with guitar strapped to my back with little knowledge of how it will all work out.  It’s a huge privilege to play songs for people and see the encouragement on their faces, that knowing look of acknowledgement that only the shared experience of music can bring.  It’s when I sing with you that I feel normal again, not so alone.  I remember that, in the midst of the chorus of your voices, there is a Kingdom whose reign will never end.

In 7 weeks, I look forward to pulling into my driveway, my children running into my arms, that welcome home kiss from my wife and that first night’s sleep in my own bed.  Until then, let’s make the most of the time we have and remember together that life is short and we are not alone.

Stay in the Arms,


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