Story Behind “What A Savior”

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A couple of years ago I was experiencing a bad case of writers block, just having that empty feeling every time I tried to sit down and write. In my search for some inspiration I came across a paperback version of a book by Lester Sumrall called The Names of God. Someone had given it to me in college and I had never taken the time to read it until then.

In His book, Sumrall digs out the meaning of the ancient Hebrew names for God. This prompted me to search for a master list of sorts of the names and references for Jesus. After compiling a list through various sources, I read and studied the names and meditated on all the word pictures these names invoke. I was immediately fascinated and sat down with my guitar to sing through the names that jumped of the list for me. What came out is a song about the central theme in of the scriptures: Jesus as savior. To me every name for Jesus supports his ultimate atoning work in saving humanity from the chaos of sin, and that only through him can we be reconciled to God.

My favorite moment of the song is a bridge that came the next day that grounds the song in John 14:6 where Jesus makes the bold claim the he alone is the way, the truth and the life. The bridge ends with Jesus taking our shame upon his shoulders, a picture that to this day, brings comfort and peace.

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