House Concerts!

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The term independent artist is what you call a person who gets in their vehicle, travels 1000s of miles, plays music for whoever will listen, and relies on the generosity of friends and fans to make a living. It’s far from an independent endeavor to book a tour and have people come hear your music and support you by purchasing cds, paying cover charges, or just simply donating to the cause! I am grateful for opportunity to live this crazy existence and have been adding house concerts to my schedule where time permits and friends are willing to host.

Here’s how it works:

You invite your friends over for an evening of food, music and community.
I provide the music and you provide the food and venue (living room, back yard, front porch).

It’s that simple.

And, it’s a great way to connect with your neighbors and reconnect with friends.

As an added bonus, I come for free unless you insist on paying me or are for taking up a donation.

So, if you think this sounds like fun (and it is, I promise), and not too much work, then please contact me about it!

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