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I’m leaving for a 7 – 8 week road trip on Saturday (a fancy word for what I’m embarking on is “Tour”), traveling from Florida to California and back.  My tour bus: an orange Honda Element (140K miles) packed with guitars, sound equipment,  a suitcase, camping gear, assorted road necessities (spare tire, first aid kit) cds. My itinerary: Drive and drive some more, play music, drive, play music (repeat).  My agenda: share the songs I’ve written to whoever will listen.

In reality, I receive way more than I “give”:
I get to make so many new friends along the way.
I get the privilege of saying an encouraging word or two and being encouraged by the generosity of the Church.
I get free stuff like: couches to sleep on, meals paid for, gift baskets full of snacks and treats.
I get to see the vast, beautiful landscape of our great country from the confines of the interstate :)
I get to make a living doing something I love.
I get to serve.

Serving is really at the heart of what I hope to do. In the music business, there is a legal term this often used in contracts involving the commercializing of music: exploitation.  Record companies “exploit” intellectual property to make a profit.  Simple as that.

That term makes me queasy inside.  The business of music can be a stomach churning venture, especially when we mix it with the business of Church.

That’s why I am adamant about telling churches: “I’ll play for free”.  Make no mistake, I do accept credit or any other forms of payment :) but I don’t have a set fee.  Sometimes I sell tickets.  Sometimes I receive love offerings. Sometimes I pay to play.  Sometimes I get a pat on the back.

The reward comes with knowing I’m taken care of by a much greater source…the one who flung billions of stars in to the void of space with a single word.  My reward is pouring myself out and knowing that the Unseen is at work behind the scenes.

So, if you’re interested in having me come to your church believe me when I say: I’ll play for free!

And if our paths cross and you allow me the opportunity to sing my songs, I hope that those divine appointments will make some small difference in your life…I know they will mine.

Stay in the Arms,


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